Drag & drop image into .pdf

Hello, using V23, flow, Spring - is there any lib/addon to move image in .pdf? I know how to add, move and resize image in .pdf using itext, and them view it in pdfviewer. But that is not visual component for drag & drop, or just move. Do u know something, that can help me? Or where to start?

Thanks for any advice, K.

I don’t think there are any addons for that. Do you know if there are any JS libraries that support that?

What i’ ve found are dead projects or not complete solutions, because i need to save into final .pdf files (yes, i can just make it, but i was asking at first)
But good inspiration can be:

And then, final function/product should look like this https://pspdfkit.com/demo/image-signatures (but in our app, custom made)