Download Button - How to

I need to download an excel file I produces in the application.
The standard solution seems to be :
. create the file
. put a Link to the screen
. the user clicks the link and a new page prowser is opened with the file.

Is it possible do the same with a single click ?
I mean create a button which do everithing ?

Hi Tullio,

Which version of Vaadin are you using? Vaadin 7 comes with a very handy FileDownloader you can use, and you can check out this wiki page
Letting the user download a file

Besides, I have an
Exporter Addon
, which allows to export data to Excel or PDF, it is quite elementary, but you can get an idea how to use the FileDownloader to download an Excel file.

I’m working in 6.8.
Could You suggest a solution form this environment ?

Then there is also a Vaadin 6
Addon, you can check the source code.

I do not have any “Table” to export it’s a background process which creates Excel file.
I just need a download mechanism.

I didn’t mean you should use that addon, but to check its source code to see how it handles download.
But anyway, Sorry for that previous messages didn’t help.
Will this
be helpful?