Do validation without binder

I have set of fields and the button without form and binder. Some of the fields are required. Could you please advice whether is it possible pressing the button check the fields status and produce the same visual effect as with the from binder (fields highlight, optional validation error message, etc)?

Why don’t you want to use a Binder. That’s what the Binder is for

It’s possible, but you are shooting yourself in the foot.

The fields have xxxField.setInvalid(true); , xxxField.setErrorMessage("");
I can use it if I have one field, for multiple fields, the binder is much easier to use.

Is it possible to have binder without backing bean and FormLayout?

You can/should create a bean for the Binder.
You don’t need a formLayout

The bean, I call it ViewModel, is very handy. Much better than setting the values

Does binder work with Java records?

Records are immutable. This concept doesn’t work good with the mutable concept of forms.

(Short answer: No)

I wrote single field binder quite a while ago FieldBinder - Vaadin Add-on Directory

But if you really have more than one field in your form, you should use the proper Binder