Detecting flash

Is there opportunity to identify existence of flash on the client side?


I think it’ll require at least some client side code, but if that’s not a problem you can use the
Flash player detection kit
from Adobe. There might also be a GWT solution I’m not aware of.

You might also want to check out the
piece from Steve Jobs
where he explains why the pure Vaadin way is superior to the ones that require browser plugins :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ll look at your solutions of my problem.

In my project I have to have flash becouse there are beautiful library with interactive graphics. But also I understand that somebody doesn’t have flash so my idea is to check for existence of flash and then automatic choose the graphics library (pure js or flash).

One thing which is actually not covered by current browsers is the ability to upload multiple files at one time.
You have to select one-by-one.

With flash you can do something like this:

We “just” need a vaadin wrapper… :wink:


Has somebody resolve this problem with vaadin?
Can I see someware code example?
Thank you.

add-on actually uses swfupload at least in some cases.

There is also another multi-file upload add-on in the directory,

Thank you Henri,
But I don’t understand how I can check Flash existance in brouser by EasyUploads add-on?
I need just inform user if Flash is not installed of not available…
I use Vaadin 6.8.13

Sorry, I was replying more to the previous post without realizing it was much older. Furthermore, I thought EasyUploads performs Flash detection, but it seems it relies on other mechanisms when possible and then just tries to present Flash if HTML5 upload is not available without testing for the presence of Flash.

There are plenty of Flash detection JavaScript libraries around (e.g.
this one
turned up with Google, I haven’t tested it) even though the old Adobe Flash Detection Kit seems to have disappeared from where it used to be. However, then you need to write a little Vaadin component that communicates that information to the server - this would be very easy as a JavaScript Extension in Vaadin 7, but requires more work with Vaadin 6.

An alternative is not to try to detect Flash but just use
to present a Flash application if available, alternative content otherwise.

Note that I haven’t used any of these personally.

Can anyone provide some vaadin wrapper to resolve this?(maybe some add-on), cause I think more people are interested by this feature.
It will be more appreciated!