DateTimePicker does not work in Vaadin 7.2.6

We are using the custom component DateTimePicker written in jQuery with Vaadin and it worked great until we upgraded to Vaadin 7.2.6. Now we get null as a return value. But with Vaadin 7.1.13 it still works perfect.
Any hint will be appreciated. Thx.

The best bet is contacting the author of the custom component directly and ask him to fix the compatibility issue.

He’s unreachable, John.
There was a hint that we should change the trigger(event) methods to dispatchEvent(event) method but this seems not to work. But it almost definitely is the event handling issue. The connector’s onValueChanged() method is not triggered in the upgraded application version…

I think it is the same problem as!/thread/7780888

Thx Yura. It’s definitely very similar. We have a setDate() method on rpc waiting to be triggered and this worked without any problem with Vaadin 7.1.13. The events are triggered but nothing happens. If I recompile the project without any change with Vaadin 7.1.3 everything becomes fine. Unfortunately we need Vaadin 7.2.x for our next sprint.

Possible solution - wrap RPC call on client with Scheduler.get().scheduleDeferred()

For Vaadin developers: It is realy problem for all Vaadin+JS addons, please check related ticket

We resolved the issue by updating the client widget code of the DateTimePicker but I would call it more a hack rather than the solution.