Custom theme

Hi vaadin community!

I need advice: how to increse size (heigth and width proportionaly) for all vaadin widgets in several times (e.g 2, something like zoom) via custom theme with minimal CSS[optional]
I’m not good with CSS.

Using Vaadin 7.0.0 rc2

Snipets are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Please help!!!


For the Reindeer theme, not much that you can easily do. While you can change the font size relatively easily (you need a lot of selectors for this, but it can be done), you will also need to adjust all element heights to accommodate the larger type. And after that, you would also need to modify the background images for the larger size, either with some image processor, or with CSS background-size property.

For the Runo theme, things are slightly easier, since it uses a little less background images. But still, you would need to adjust most of the element sizes.

The easiest solution is to use the Chameleon theme, and the accompanying
color editor
. While the color editor isn’t Vaadin 7 compatible yet, you can make the produced theme work with
small modifications