Creating Vaadin Add-ons Webinar Thursday October 30th 2014 @ 3PM CET

Join Marc Englund and Sami Ekblad from Vaadin on how to create add-ons and leverage existing JavaScript widgets from within Vaadin and re-use existing GWT and JavaScript components.

Place & Time: Online Webinar on Thursday October 30th 2014 @ 3PM CET
Duration: 45min.

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Hi : We signed up for this “add-ons” Webinar - but never got an email, or any notification:

We also, tried sign up for “Improving the HTML Table Webinar” , clicked several times, but never got a SignUp form. Seems there are some bugs in your Webinar SignUp…

Please assist, so we can join the above Webinars - thanks

Hello there - no worries, help is on the way :slight_smile:

Please check!/thread/8508514

for today’s webinar

… And for the other webinar:

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