"Could not start XULRunner" problem

Hi all

I have downloaded/installed the Eclipse plugin.
I now have the following VAADIN plugins installed in eclipse

-Book of Vaadin com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.manual.feature.group
-Vaadin Eclipse Integration com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.feature.group
-Vaadin Visual Editor (EXPERIMENTAL) com.vaadin.wysiwyg.eclipse.feature.group

I also installed Mozilla XULRunner (I downloaded the windows installation from sourcefourge).
However when I try to open a Vaadin component with the Vaadin Editor

I get the following error message

Could not start XULRunner (Version 1.9 or higher required)
The editor might not function properly.

The XULRunner installation went fine, I can access it from the windows dos prompt.
By the way I tried this on 2 different windows 7 machines and the problem still persists

I would really like to use the Vaadin editor plugin.
Is there maybe something else that I need to install?



Does it mean the editor does not work? I have the same error message, yet the editor seems to be functional. I installed


If I remember correctly, Eclipse defaults to IE as the embedded browser on Windows if XULRunner is not installed. Therefore, the Visual Editor might still work, but its performance is not ideal and the older versions were not really tested on IE. I believe more recent versions have better IE support.

I completely removed IE from my system - it does work though. But as stated, The visual editor is experimental, the roadmap lays out a proper release by the end of March 2011…

Hi all!

No one can help us to use Vaadin Visual editor with Eclipse Indigo on a x64 Windows 7 platform???

The pop-up message state that “Could not start XULRunner …”

Thank you in advance!

Ivano C.

refer https://vaadin.com/forum#!/thread/29139/4737420