Compiling a github project


First i want to thank the vaadin team for an awesome framework. I’m currently building a vaadin project, which where i need a specific addon.

My question is this:
I want to use this addon

I can see it only supports vaadin 6, which i don’t work on. I can see there is a pull request on github, and of my understanding this pull is fixed for vaadin 7.
I’m not very used to working with github or vaadin addons, so i’m a little puzzled by how, and what to do with the repository, so that i can use it for my project.

This is the “fixed” repository

Am i right, that this can be compiled into a working addon? if so, how?

ps. i’m not a expert programmer yet, i hope you understand my non exsisting knowledge. Thank you.


first of all, you need to install git and maven. After that you just clone the repository you linked (instructions can be found in the github help). After you have the project checked out on your local system, it should just be a matter of running ‘mvn package’ at the project root.

And if you do need more detailed instructions for a specific step, please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Teppo!. I managed to compile the plugin and i got it to work in my vaadin 7 project.
Just what i needed to complete the next step in my project. So thank you for that.

If anyone else needs the compiled version i can post the files here. (if needed and allowed to do so).