ComboBox with CheckBox for multiselect option


Is there any way to have checkboxes in a combobox for the purpose of multiselect option?

Daniccan VP

You can use the item icon for the purpose, if you use icons that look like checkboxes, but the user can’t select multiple items while holding the Ctrl key, as can be done in a ListSelect or NativeSelect. Also, ComboBox is supposed to have the selection in the text field part, but if there are multiple items selected, it’s rather odd as only the last (actually selected) item would show.

So, I recommend using some other component for multiple selection. You can even make a drop-down Table with PopupView or with some add-on, such as
, or simply by changing its height on focus.

I am looking for a similar multiselect-combobox feature.
Outside of Vaadin I would go for this
jQuery multiselect UI Widget
Basically, what I am wondering is if the
JavaScript Integration
of Vaadin would allow me to use this in any Vaadin application.
Unfortunately I have no experience with this integration feature and the jQuery widget sits on top of the generic HTML

Might that be a problem, or is it worth a try?


I use this plugin:

It works great for me!

Yes I agree with Bruno

Not working with Vaadin 8 generics (ComboBox). Also this is in compatibility packages, so no way to make this component work with Binder :frowning:

However it would be nice to have such component in core Vaadin packages :slight_smile:

Any chance for that?


This is not yet attached to the roadmap just now, but I have this feature planned for Vaadin’s web component . I’ll check the team(s) for quick T-shirt estimate so see which slot in the releases this could be planned for.


Any progress for Vaadin 8.1+?

Juha, that would be awesome. I really feel disappointed every time I realise Vaadin doesn’t have such a basic component in core… I hope you consider this feature for a release soon. :slight_smile:

Basically, to work properly with Vaadin 8.1+ this would have to be rewritten using the new
interface - it’s quite a bit of work (I’m going to need it eventually for our company project, so I’ve started looking at it, but it’s not really a trivial task).

Hi any updates for this for version 8.1+

Any news about this for an upcomming Framework Release?