Client Side Validation

Hi all,

i was wondering if Vaadin 7 offers ClientSide Validation, as the Add-On CSValidation is only valid in Vaadin 6.

If i use BeanValidation, that is superb and does most things i want, that only works on the ServerSide.
To avoid unnessery Server-Roundtrips i would like to vaildat some Fields before they are send to the Server.

Anybody has an idea on how I can do that?

Thanks for the Help


I just ported the
CSValidation add-on
to Vaadin 7. It’s the version 0.5 (you need to select it manually as Directory shows the last Vaadin 6 compatible version).

It is now a component extension, which you can attach to a regular TextField, PasswordField, or TextArea with extend(). The extension feature in Vaadin 7 allows combining multiple extension for the same component, which was impossible in Vaadin 6. Otherwise, the functionality is exactly the same as in Vaadin 6 version.

Combining CSValidation with bean validation would be interesting, although it may have some obstacles. For one, client-side code needs to be compiled from sources, so you’d need to use a source library of a bean validation implementation. I’m not quite sure what issues that would create. I’ll try to look into that at some point.

Thanks for the Information.

I will take a look at your Port, thanks a lot for the affort :slight_smile: