CKEditor for Vaadin 1.7.3 is available in the directory

This release includes an upgrade to CKEditor 4.0.1. It is in the Directory and Google Code.

Hi David,

Any estimate when CKEditor wrapper for Vaadin add-ons will support Vaadin 7.


Unfortunately, we have no immediate plans to upgrade to Vaadin 7 and may wait until 7.1 to even consider porting the code as it sounds like a big task. Since our application is not on Vaadin 7, there’s no push for this widget to be upgraded (we don’t even have a dev environment for Vaadin 7 yet). Because it’s open source, though, I can see that someone else may want to create this version. It sounds like with all the improvements integrating external javascript that the current widget may really benefit from a rewrite to use all of the new mechanisms.

We have a patch file from Samuli of Vaadin against an older release (sadly it was not done on the latest release but on 1.6.7 whereas the current release is 1.7.5) that purports to make it work with Vaadin 7, which I’ll attach here as it may allow you to build your own. I don’t know if it’s just the most basic of updates or whether it has attempted to use the new capabilities in Vaadin 7 with respect to client side javascript integration. (2.43 KB)