Change the strategy of cache in grid vaadin 8

Hi, All!
I have a Grid, it used with lazy loading of data. By default, it calculates a very small cache, and when the table scrolls - a lot of database queries.
Does anyone know how to configure the cache in the Grid to have the possibility to manually set offset and limit in the query.
For example, the initial value of the limit I can set:

getDataCommunicator().setMinPushSize(int size); but after the start scrolling of the table all the parameters again to be calculated by the framework.
Vaadin version 8.1.0.alpha6

Hi Sergey,

The caching of the Grid contents is mostly managed by the client-side which is much more aware of what it should show and when. In the client-side implementation of the data communication there’s a CacheStrategy that controls the amount of rows being requested. To modify this you make your own extension to do it on the client-side or use!addon/gridextensionpack-add-on which contains the same feature with server-side control over it.