Calendar bug?

I’m playing with the Calendar add-on to see whether I could use it in a project.

I’ve noticed that if you have a RangeSelectHandler installed and you click on a time in the week view of the calendar, you will get a rangeSelect() callback for 23:30-24:00 of the previous day. You can easily reproduce this in the demo at I couldn’t find a workaround that wouldn’t also ignore proper range selects of 23:30-24:00 so that’s kind of a showstopper :frowning:

Also: I just want to display a single week so I’ve installed Backward- and ForwardHandlers that ignore the relevant callbacks. But it would be nicer to just hide the navigation buttons. Is there any way (perhaps via css?) to do that?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Found out by looking at the source code that the navigation buttons can be removed by setting the Backward- and ForwardHandlers to null. Yay!

Couldn’t find a workaround for the bug though :(.

Created for the clicking issue

How did you do this? Do you have an example ?


Found the way to set the handler to null this way :

cal.setHandler((ForwardHandler)null );

but it didn’t make the “buttons” disappear :

see pic here :

It used to work that way but it no longer does. See my post: Unfortunately I didn’t get an answer to it.


I haven’t checked what is up with this, but if you think it is a bug, you should definitely fill a ticket about it to Otherwise it will most likely get forgotten. After that it is also easy to lift it to the top of TODO list with
pro account bugfix priority

If you know some css it is probably quite easy to hide them with “display:none”.


Created ticket #10741.


#10741 is fixed and released in
Vaadin Calendar 1.2.2
. Note that you might have to select v1.2.2 from the version dropdown.