Calendar 2.0.0 source?

Where is the source for the new Calendar addon? I’d like to see how the various eventchanged handlers are implemented.

The old source doesn’t appear to be in SVN (I checked out the URL from the manual but got a README stating it was in Git now) I’ve tried various permutations of, addon/calendar, addons/calendar, etc. with no luck. I can find the repository, but can’t seem to get a URL to check out the source.


Hi Nolan,

The link for the source code for
Vaadin Calendar add-on
can be found from
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section on right hand side in Vaadin Directory. This is the default place that you should check first if you need source codes for other add-ons in future.

Here’s the shortcut to
Vaadin Calendar 2.0.0 source code
that will save you one click :slight_smile:

And you’re able to pass the URL you gave me to “git clone?”

I’m aware of that URL, but that isn’t an anonymous Git repository.

Remove the “?p=” from the URL to get the Git read-only repository address (not just the repository browser).