Button events


I’m a bit new to Vaadin, and I need to make a query is:
When I want to display a window into a button, I have to wait for the machine run the last line of code that is inside the button’s Click event, and then I displays the window.

If I could help if there is another event or another way to define that when I press the button I do not have to wait until the end of the event.


If you are not doing anything with UI, you may run the rest of the code in a separate Thread.


I need the code if it’s just that if I want to display a window when I press the button is not displayed until the end of the code.

I wish, display a window that says “We are currently processing the information wait” and thus show him the customer that we are working on your request, but not shown at the beginning of the code but when you finish the whole process, and then no longer notice is required if you finish the execution of the lines.

I hope I understood beyond

Have a look at the VaadinWorker add-on: