Build your web UIs in HTML or Java? Which one should I select?

Hi all,

I am totally new to Vaadin. If you open the homepage at, then click on the “See more” button or scroll down, you will see two options: “Vaadin Framework for Java Developers” and “Vaadin Elements for Web Developers”. I am a Java developer as well as a web developer. Several questions:

  1. Which one should I click on to continue exploring Vaadin?
  2. Is “Vaadin Elements for Web Developers” part of Vaadin Framework? If yes, why are these two options placed at the same level? It is confusing. If no, are they compatable with each others OR are they completely separat things?



You can take a look at this blog article, it could enlight part of your question :


Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for the link. From your link, I’ve learnt that “Vaadin Elements allow us to use Vaadin components in front end frameworks – like jQuery, Angular 2, React, Ember 2 or any plain HTML page.” I also understand that Vaadin Elements does not work with Vaadin Framework (server-side framework). So, I can be confident that I can choose Vaadin Framework and ignore Vaadin Elements. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Seems correct : if you want to get the benefits of the full framework, including server part, and writing full java… that’s the way !

Have fun with Vaadin :slight_smile: