Book of Vaadin Translation Project

discussed earlier
, it is now possible to make community translations of the Book of Vaadin to different languages using the GetLocalization crowdsourcing platform.



Project homepage
with instructions and other information

Book of Vaadin translation project at GetLocalization

[/list]I’ve done testing with
Finnish translation
and once we get other languages started, I’ll add them to the build.

The project is rather experimental at the moment. I’ll put more effort in polishing the process once we start to get some content.

Please make any questions and comments to this thread. if the project grows up, we can make some other arrangements.

Previews for
, and
translations are now available. They are updated hourly, although the translation build is still a bit shaky.

i am a senior software architect from china,i like vaadin framework and use it in some projects of mine.
because there are many vaadin developers from china need chinese version ,i think we should add chinese version to the translation project.
i can do some contributions in chinese translation. pls contact me on email: or @ivaadin on twitter.

hola, hago parte del equipo de traduccion del libro de vaadin, estoy colaborando con el idioma español y en la pagina dice que se puede descargar el idioma desde getlocalization, pero no he encontrado el enlace para hacer, me podrian colaborar

muchas gracias…

el texto dice:
To compile your translations, you need to download your language package ZIP file from GetLocalization, …

Hi Marko,

Is this project has stop now? I want to contribute to translate this book to Indonesian language, may I join this project?

Thank you.