Behind Proxy: Vaadin Application showing "Session Expired" pop up window

We are facing issue in vaadin 6.8.10. we are calling vaadin application URL via service proxy. its shows session expired pop up window.When application URL is directly called without service proxy its works fine.

Vaddin version 6.8.10
icepush version 1.0.0

Your problem may be in proxy settings. This is a bit old tech, so I do not remember by hard the details. Check this old thread (it is a bit long), it may contain proxy setup hints that are useful for you.!/thread/234493

Hi Tatu,

We are using external reverse Proxy (Membrane Service Proxy). Where in relative url’s are configured in the proxy and complete url’s are picked from service registry.

icepush requests works fine without proxy and behind proxy we are receving session time out, we have investigated the network request with and without proxy. Attaching httpFox (network trace)

Without Proxy (Works Well)

Started Time Sent Received Method Result Type URL
00:12.5 0.231 506 2822 GET 200 text/html http://host:10000/gui
00:12.8 0.113 608 6339 GET 200 application/x-javascript

00:17.0 30.053 659 83 POST 200 application/xml http://host:10000/gui/listen.icepush
00:20.1 0.282 766 134 POST 200 application/json http://host:10000/gui/UIDL?windowName=1

With Proxy (issue with UILD request)

Started Time Sent Received Method Result Type URL
00:03.3 0.534 752 0 GET (Cache) text/html https:///gui/
00:03.9 0.093 839 0 GET (Cache) application/x-javascript http:///VAADIN/widgetsets/WidgetSet/WidgetSet.nocache.js?1490081042919
00:08.0 * 862/889 * POST * * https:// /gui/listen.icepush
00:11.0 17.65 1015 0 POST (Cache) application/json https:///gui/UIDL?windowName=1
00:28.7 0.069 974 391 GET 200 application/json https:///msv-rest-admin-api/ms/adminportal/getOk

Looking at the request one thing is quite obvious that all UIDL request are Cached. Can we have some pointers Please ?