Are there plans to add column resizing to Grid?

We plan to migrate from Table to Grid, actually, after a week we are almost done, and found out, that the user cannot resize columns. There is no plan explicitly for that in the roadmap. We see more specific features added (such as column reordering, row details), but think this one is more basic than these.

Is there any plan to add this?

We like the Grid very much - mostly because performance, which is finally normal (Table was very poor).

Column resizing is a blocker for others too:!/thread/9454445 “Everything works fine, but I miss the possibility to reorder the Column in the Grid and to resize the Column in the Grid.”!/thread/9391521/9391520 “A full conversion to Grid will be possible only after the user gets the column resize feature back.”!/thread/9304846/9371796 “Grid not usable: 2) Not possible for the user to resize the columns.”

And maybe more…

Hi Ovil,

I agree this basic option is missing.

For the time being, I am using the method
. It’s resizing automatically the width of the columns.


They plan it for 7.6 in October :(. I would prefer to delay 7.5 and add it there…

Yes, it’s in the backlog. Unfortunately, we can’t delay releases (which have already been promised to customers) for a relatively minor feature.
I do agree, though, that the Grid desperately needs column resizing, but it’s not as trivial a feature to add as it might seem at first glance. :slight_smile:

The 7.6.0.alpha2 does not have column resizing. We have replaced Tables with Grid months ago, but the change is waiting in a branch because this feature is a blocker for our client…