Application sometimes hangs after enabling push in Vaadin 7

currentley we have tow applications which are using Vaadin 7 and the push function. I have enabled push function by using the tutorial on the vaadin wiki.
However after enabling the push function sometimes the application hangs during using it in the browser (the red loading indicator never disapperars) and I have to make a refresh of the browser window that the application will work again. This only happens when push is enabled.
I personally think this might be a server problem, we are using glassfish in the production environment. I have enabled the comet support on the http netwok listener, and disabled the websocket support, because with enabled websocket the application does not work anymore.
Can someone give me an advise how to solve this problem?

Might be related to these/one of these:

Server Push Socket get closed and application hangs




Thank you,
it definitley seems, that this is the same problem, we have another error message in the firefox logs, but it seems, that it onley occures if the connection is slow. Next time when it happens, I will make a screenshot and add it to the ticker, only difference is that we use 7.1.8.

Did you found solution for this issue?
It happens the same, I was reading the links related to it but I found the solution, can you please confirm me If you got solution and in that case what you did,

Push became much more stable in 7.1.9, probably due to

Not really, the problem seems to be if you cannot use the websocket, then der application will hang after a while. On my development maschine I have tomcat which uses the websocket, then everything ist fine, on the server we cannot use websocket and then the problems appears from time to time.

In my case after installing 7.1.11 (before I have 7.1.9) it seems that it goes much better at least it takes much longer to happen (If it happens) before was happening after less than 10 minutes, now was much longer with out happened , I test in Tomcat 7.0.25 and Jetty 8.1.10 , (not difference )

Streaming Transport (which is the fallback when websocket isn’t available) seems to be very unstable recently. In Vaadin 7.2 long-polling will be introduced(
Ticket #13011
) which will hopefully be more reliable.