App starter for building a chat with docs (RAG) app with Vaadin and LangChain4j

As many of us are experimenting with how AI could be used in our applications, I wanted to create a simple starter app where you can experiment with retrieval-augmented generation, ie. an AI chatbot that uses your own documents as context when answering.

The starter requires you to configure 2 things in

  1. The AI model, either:
    • An OpenAI key to use OpenAI (more powerful, but requires sending your data to OpenAI)
    • A local model running on [Ollama](] (less powerful, keeps all data on your computer)
  2. The path to a folder that contains your docs

When you start the application, it will process the docs into an in-memory vector database and present you with a chat UI.

Please try it out and let me know if you end up building something cool based on it!