Any plans to include NumberField?

Hi Vaadin team,

do you have any plans to support NumberFields (for Integer, Double, BigDecimal) in the Vaadin framework. In my opinion a “must have” for a business application framework.

Kind regards

Hi Jan

Vaadin 7 needs to support IE starting from IE 8, which does not support anything near NumberFields on the client side. If you only need to support more recent IE versions, please take a look on
Viritin addon

Hi Mac,

thanks for your reply. If I understand it correclty Virtin provides an IntegerField. For business applications fields to enter monetary amouts (Euro and cents) are required. I think that in Vaadin fields to enter Integer, Double and BigDecimal fields should be available, with input masks like ‘###.###,00’. I think the client should already check that no invalid input is entered by the user. If this is a problem with the very old browser versions, I think it would be ok, to habe an AddOn that is only available for recent browser versions. In my opinion the AddOn should be offically supported by Vaadin.

Kind regards

Hi Jan,

Have you tried this add-on:!addon/osgimaskedtextfield

I haven’t used it myself, but it might be exactly what you are looking for.


Hi Matti,

thanks for the link, looks useful but to version 0.16 experimental status is not very promising.
I still think this feature should be available in the Vaadini framework. A n update on your plans would be helpful.

Kind regards

Hi Mac…
Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer 10 and older on January 12, 2016, maybe it’s time for Vaadin do reconsider it’s support for IE8 and IE9.


Hi Thomas,

Vaadin has always had the policy to never change supported browsers during the lifetime of a major version – so Vaadin 7.x will always support IE8. Besides, there are still people out there using older versions of IE and some of them depend on Vaadin applications still runing in their browsers.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in what’s coming up in Vaadin 8, please see
this post by our CEO
that clarifies what can be expected (disclaimer: no promises).