An Edit Button in Grid for Vaadin 8

I know that double clicking to edit a row is fine, but i’ve been requested to add in an edit button since it’s not obvious for the user to double click if they want to edit a row

In Vaadin 7, I used A generatedpropertycontainer:

grid.getColumn("edit").setRenderer(new ButtonRenderer(e -> resultsGrid.editItem(e.getItemId()))); But I’m unable to get the same effect in Vaadin 8??

grid.addColumn(person -> "Edit",
                new ButtonRenderer(clickEvent -> {
                    grid.getEditor(); //????
                    grid.setItems(listPeople);  //List<Persons> listPeople

Hi, Vaadin 8.1 includes a method to add components in Grid’s cells. Take a look at this example:

BWT, the current version of
Vaadin 8.1 is still beta
but you can try it out today.

I understand how to get it to delete, and how to add a column, and how to create a button in the grid, what I don’t understand is how to get the row editor to appear. Where you can edit a row?

Sorry, I got it now. Unfortunately, it seems that’s not possible with 8.0. Please upvote and follow this issues on GitHub:

Ok, thank you for letting me know what was going on.

I haven’t tried myself, but this add-on might help:!addon/gridfastnavigation-add-on