Almost understand SwipeView example...

The SwipeView partial example on has a method navigate(Event e), marked as an @Override. I cannot figure out what this is overriding, and my eclipse does not like it. Is this a method on NavigationManager which name got changed? I don’t see it in the API doc at either.

And is SwipeView really a layout, not really a view? So it is supposed to be used as a component within a NavigationManager, not as a view itself? Does this component necessarily take up the whole screen?

There was one link to a working example I could find in the forums, but it was broken. If someone can point me to a more complete example, that’d be great. I’ve almost got it!

SwipeView is a component container wrapping your view. It’s not really a layout. You use NavigationManager and provide SwipeView wrapped views to it.

navigate(NavigationEvent e) override is for NavigationListener you provide to NavigationManager.

Your link is to TouchKit 3 docs. TouchKit 4 here:

Thanks; I guess I got that idea from the javadoc, which starts its description with “The SwipeView is a simple layout…”

I should have seen the listener addition…