Alloyui diagram builder addon - Canvas Size Issue

When I create a new org.vaadin.diagrambuilder.DiagramBuilder from the plugin!addon/diagram-builder. The cavas does not size or allow scrolling so half the diagram is missing (As seen in screen shot).
The only explicit sizing I am doing in vaadin is the following.

          Panel panel = new Panel("Scroll");

   public DiagramBuilder getDig() {
          // Initialize our new UI component
          DiagramBuilder diagramBuilder = new DiagramBuilder();

return diagramBuilder;

Any help would be great, thanks Sam


I don’t remember excatly how the diagram builder js component works. Does it size propertly with explicit sizes, like 300px * 400px ? If it does, we’d need to find some kind of API form the underlaying js ocmponent to notify it of size changes, and then call this form the Vaadin component integration (the Connector class).

If you can find such an API I can have a look at this. The JS part should probably be updated as well, althouhg I haven’t actively followed the developement of diagram builder js component.