Add-on not installed correctly?


I’m having some problems adding the
add-on to my project.

I’ve added the expected dependencies to my Widgetset POM:

    	<version>${vaadin.addon.visualizationsforvaadin}</version> <!-- Version: 1.1.2 -->

      <version>${gwtVisualizationVersion}</version> <!-- Version: 1.1.0 -->

And updated the widgetset. The JAR’s are added to the Maven Dependencies folder and all looks fine, except, nothing in the add-on library is recognized ( etc…)

I don’t know what could be wrong, if something went wrong in the installation and how to check it it did.

Could someone please give me any pointers on what to check to see if I can sort this mess up?

The problem has been sorted out.

I had added the dependencies to the Widgetset POM but not the MainApplication POM, so nothing in the add-on was visible in the project I was developing.
Another problem was that I was trying to add gwt-visualization 1.1.2 as a dependency but apparently our repository only had 1.1.0 available.

This problem is very localized to my environment but just maybe it can help someone with similar problems.