Add-On is not added to Vaadin Maven Add-On Repo


Im having a hard time trying to get my add on into the maven repository. I wrote the build script with gradle, so I think something with my addon-zip layout is wrong.
I followed these instructions, but something seems to be missing:

Can anybody take a look at my addon and tell me what I did wrong? I tried with various versions of the /META-INF/maven/…/pom.xml but it didn’t help. Now I removed the pom.xml altogether, because I found add ons where the MANIFEST-file seems to be sufficient, but still its not available.

My Addon:!addon/extended-token-field



Alright I got it.

A zip file must specify the location of the add-on jar if there is an add-on jar

Thats what I was missing.
Thanks anyways

NP, clad you reported: now your add-on is the reference example for gradle based add-on build :wink:

Nice add-on by the way!!