Add-on and dual compatibility (Vaadin 6 and 7)


The directory started recently to support “dual versions” for add-ons (Vaadin 6 and Vaadin 7 compatibility). We then specify the version that works with Vaadin 6 and the version that works with Vaadin 7.

For most add-ons, there is a need for two different versions given the number of changes in the API.

My question is how would you deal with a consistent version naming for these? Assuming you have a 0.4 version of your add-on working with Vaadin 6, what would you expect the Vaadin 7 version to be ?


Hi Stéphane,

You are right. We added the dual-version support to Directory to help with add-on support for both Vaadin 6 and 7 and the “Supported Vaadin version” is no longer just a string field.

What it comes to your question about correctly versioning your add-ons, there is no one answer. Sorry. It depends how you have made the versioning so far and for example are you planning to support both versions as first-class add-ons.

What I did was just pick the next available major version number and dedicate that to Vaadin 7 versions. Also there are some developers using 7.x and 6.x versioning. Even version numbers like x.x.7 and x.y.6 have been suggested. None of these is complete and you just have to consider what feels best for you.

Actually, this is not a new problem. Already some of the existing 6-series add-ons have “dual-version support”, and the only way so far has been just to document this.

Now there is the explicit version information and we will add more browsing features (“browse by vaadin version”) later to make this clearer to the users.

More thoughts:

I actually like the fact of adding this to the module name itself, that’s more in line with what I am trying to do.


We went for the solution of keeping the same version with a different jar name. This is more in line with what we want to achieve since we’d like an equal features set on both vaadin 6 and 7. We did that with embed for Vaadin.

Unfortunately, the directory does not allow me to tweak the version number that is detected from the Jar file so I can’t really add my version. As a result, the pom information on the right is wrong for vaadin 7 and I had to patch the description as a workaround

That’s more or less ok but maybe the directory can do something about it?