A clone of Android's RecyclerView.GridLayoutManager

Good day, I tried to look around for something similar to Android’s RecyclerView.GridLayoutManager, but I couldn’t find one. Basically, I’m interested in something like this:

That is, lay out components in a row, until there is no more space - then continue to a next row. Something very similar to CssLayout, yet with scroll+lazy-loading capabilities, like a Grid. Something that can handle potentially thousands of items, yet only render necessary divs. Perhaps you have seen a component like that, or perhaps you can point me to the right direction. I’m not skilled with client-side Vaadin, so currently I am thinking of a Grid with a specialized Renderer; yet the renderer would need to know the number of items to display in advance. This would require us to know the Grid’s exact width in pixels server-side - this can actually be done, by listening on a window resize event and compute around horizontal layout expand ratios, yet I was wondering if there already is a component for that…
Many thanks for creating Vaadin, it is such an amazing framework with really rapid development.

Yep i found good info here for
android recyclerview

Perhaps e.g.
lazy vertical layout and a bit of glue to add rows of components there as nested layouts (CssLayout?) would do the trick.