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Comparing Alternative JVM Languages Webinar

Tanja Repo
8 years ago Dec 11, 2014 11:12am

Join Matti Tahvonen, Henri Muurimaa, Matti Vesa and John Ahlroos for a comparison on different JVM langues. Alternative JVM languages such as Scala, Groovy and Clojure will be shown and discussed in the webinar.

The webinar airs today December 11th 2014 @ 3 PM CET

Post your questions and comments below. Thank you! 

Matti Vesa
8 years ago Dec 11, 2014 3:50pm

For anyone interested in looking further into using Vaadin and Clojure there’s an article I wrote some time ago:


I’ll update the example to the latest TouchKit.

To become a bit more inspired about Clojure, I can recommend the two-part video “Clojure for Java developers” on youtube

After that there are plenty more lectures from Rich Hickey, the creator of Clojure, at infoq.com. And of course, clojure.org is the main site for Clojure.

John Ahlroos
8 years ago Dec 11, 2014 6:53pm

Hope you enjoyed the show! :)

And here is some further information if you got interested about Groovy:

The example project can be found here https://hub.jazz.net/project/johndevs/vaadin-jpa-app-groovy

Website: https://grails.org
Vaadin Grails Plugin: http://grails.org/plugin/vaadin
"Vaadin on Rails" book by Ondrej Kvasnovsky http://ondrej-kvasnovsky.gitbooks.io/vaadin-on-grails

Website: http://www.gradle.org
Vaadin Gradle Plugin: https://github.com/johndevs/gradle-vaadin-plugin

My favourite resource for good examples of what Groovy is capable of is mrhaki's blog "Groovy Goodness" http://mrhaki.blogspot.fi/search/label/Groovy%3AGoodness . He has also released the book "Groovy Goodness Notebook" (https://leanpub.com/groovy-goodness-notebook) which even has more "hidden" features and Groovy gems. Strongly recommended!