Comparing Alternative JVM Languages Webinar

Join Matti Tahvonen, Henri Muurimaa, Matti Vesa and John Ahlroos for a comparison on different JVM langues. Alternative JVM languages such as Scala, Groovy and Clojure will be shown and discussed in the webinar.

The webinar airs today December 11th 2014 @ 3 PM CET


Post your questions and comments below. Thank you!

For anyone interested in looking further into using Vaadin and Clojure there’s an article I wrote some time ago:

I’ll update the example to the latest TouchKit.

To become a bit more inspired about Clojure, I can recommend the two-part video “Clojure for Java developers” on youtube


After that there are plenty more lectures from Rich Hickey, the creator of Clojure, at
. And of course,
is the main site for Clojure.

Hope you enjoyed the show! :slight_smile:

And here is some further information if you got interested about Groovy:

The example project can be found here


Vaadin Grails Plugin:

Vaadin on Rails
" book by Ondrej Kvasnovsky


Vaadin Gradle Plugin:

My favourite resource for good examples of what
is capable of is mrhaki’s blog "
Groovy Goodness
. He has also released the book "
Groovy Goodness Notebook
" (
) which even has more “hidden” features and Groovy gems. Strongly recommended!