Zoom issue with openlayers wrapper addon which uses GoogleMaplayer as base

I am using GoogleMapLayer as base layer to show open layers map.
When we zoom out the Google map using http://maps.google.com/ site then it goes to a level where we can see the roads,buildings for a particular street address.
But when i zoom out the Google Map using open layers wrapper add-on in my vaadin application, after two/three times of double click, it doesnot zoom and map stays there only.
Is there any setting required in code for map to zoom out so that it shows the roads and buildings clearly in the map?


I don’t have the project open atm, but if I remember right there is some function like map.setZoomLevels. Maybe you should configure that so that also those most detailed zoom levels are enabled.


I am using openlayers version 0.6.1-SNAPSHOT-r51 in my pom.xml.
In my code, i have set zoom level to 15 like this map.setZoom(15); for OpenLayersMap object.
Didnt find any setZoomLevels method for OpenLayersMap.

Is there any other way to set most detailed zoom level? Do i need to use some other newer version for this?

I know the post is really old but did you ever solve this?