XP / IE 7, Session Expiring in 10 seconds


I am running application with latest vaadin 6.1.4 on windows xp and IE 7.

If the IE 7 instance is started… lets say 10 days back, and I start vaadin app in this instance of IE, I keep getting session expired errror every 10 seconds.

But it works fine if I open new IE window or a 10 days back started firefox instance.

Its really confusing. SessionExpired exception is thrown from AbstractApplicationServlet line 1778 of getExistingApplication.

Is there any other ways to reproduce this bug than leave XP / IE 7 unused (?) for 10 days and then try what happens?

no idea. but its happening on all 4-5 users of this application. we are still in development mode.

as i see it in debug mode, there is no session associated with http request object.

Please tell more about your environment: which java server? using portal? how it is deployed (urls)? does it work with IE6 or IE8?

(I have not heard of such problem before, but knowing more about the environment might help guessing)

Its deployed on Tomcat 6, JDK 1.6

I have deployed it directly in the root folder of tomcat webapps by just copying the webcontents directory

another unusual thing I am doing in this app is, I have login component, with remember me feature.
as I was not able to come up with any good solution to read cookies on startup, I am using a ProgressIndicator which keeps making some empty calls to the server so that cookies can be read and set to the textfields

cookie solution taken from http://vaadin.com/forum/-/message_boards/message/18957?_19_redirect=%2Fforum%2F-%2Fmessage_boards%2Fsearch%3F_19_redirect%3D%252Fforum%252F-%252Fmessage_boards%252Fcategory%252F11564%26_19_breadcrumbsCategoryId%3D11564%26_19_searchCategoryId%3D11564%26_19_tabs1TabsScroll%3D%26_19_keywords%3Dcookie


Another thing I have noticed while debugging is that sometimes call goes in handleServiceSessionExpired method of AbstractApplicationServlet and it calls request.getSession().invalidate();

Sounds really strange. If I would have to guess, I would guess that this might have something to do with the “remember me” implementation.

Anyone else?

Login class if anyone wants to check it
11120.txt (4.43 KB)


or else let me know what debug points i should keep