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The next release of GWT 2.0 version is going to support xml layout for UI. Is there any plan for Vaadin team to support such xml layout definition for UI page design?

I am in a starting stage of one application using Vaadin. Could any one answer my question?

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Currently there are no concrete plans to use
(I assume that is what you’re referring to). This could change, of course, if someone comes up with a killer way to integrate UIBinder - it’s an interesting feature, and it’s possible it could bring some benefits (although I’m not a fan of ‘programming’ in XML myself :wink:

Also note that depending on what you want to achieve, CustomLayout might be what you’re looking for. It allows you to layout components using HTML templates.

To start the brainstorming process, it would be interesting to hear how you would like to use UIBinder within Vaadin?

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I haven’t investigated this at all, but talked about this yesterday here in TSS. This is what I heard:

“I don’t like where the GWT in 2.0 is going with its XML templates. You need to store the UI structure into separate file and that makes it harder to maintain.”

Personally: I don’t know. It still might be a good option and do the WYSIWYG editing of UI easier to implement.

To my mind, xml-style layout is fine when you want to give out the possibility to tweak layout files to non-developers or, for instance, want to enable layout change at runtime. But in this case, current Vaadin’s CustomLayout is the exact what is needed, because, in addition to ability UI elements positioning via xhtml, one can also define static elements via html - images, tables, etc.

My vote goes to Vaadin’s CustomLayout.

Take a look at
MVP and UIBinder for Vaadin add-on
. Did not try it out yet, but documentation looks promising.