Wysiwyg designer last version


I have some general questions about Vaadin:

  • I can read on your website that the last version of the Visual Designer for Vaadin is the v0.8, but I can’t find a link to download it. Can anybody give me some light ? The same question for Eclipse integration wich only take the v0.6.0 of the designer

  • You’re planning to publish the v1.0 of the designer this month. Is your planning still good (or in the good way) ?

  • I’ve tried to make a complex form with the current version (0.6) but the designer simply don’t handle many components (ex: TabSheet !?).
    Will the last version handle it ?

Is there a way to configure designer to handle custom components ?

Thank’s for your responses.

The last released version of the VVD and the eclipse integration plugin is 0.6, we are in the final stages of reviewing and testing version 0.8 which probably will be released in the upcoming days. You can follow the development of the version 0.8 milestone
. If you want to, you can try out version 0.8 by using the experimental eclipse update site at http://vaadin.com/eclipse/experimental.

For more information about the release schedule of the Vaadin Visual Designer check out the

Yes, version 0.8 will handle more complex forms and will support both Tabsheet and Accordion as well.

Initial support for custom components and addons will be introduced in version 0.8. You will be able to use them to some extent in version 0.8 but more improvements to them will most likely follow in version 1.0.

Thank’s a lot.

It’s strange because I’ve tried last days to use “http://vaadin.com/eclipse/experimental” as install plugin site and it does’nt find it !

Ok, now it work !

Many thank’s.