WTPDFViewer not visible for no reason?

I am currently having a problem with WTPDFViewer component from Whitestein. I am using this PDF viewer succesfully in one view. But when adding this to another view, I cannot see the component and do not get this working. Has anyone experienced this problem before? Actually I am only adding the component to a HorizontalLayout and setting both to sizeFull. But it is notgetting visible.

As of now I have no further information. I cannot see anything from developer console log. xhr message containing the properties contains exactly the same as on the view where it is working. DIV elements are being rendered as well. But it is not visible.

Has anyone experienced this before and can advice somehow? I would be happy about that.

Hello, the plugin seems to be using its own client-side code and theme scss.

  1. You need to build a custom widgetset which includes the com.whitestein.vaadin.widgets.wtpdfviewer.Widgetset.gwt.xml.
  2. You need to have your own theme which includes the wtpdfviewer.scss via the addons.scss. Does your styles.css file include CSS rules for .wtpdfviewer?

Hi Martin,

thanks for your Answer. Yes that was exactly the problem. The widgetset needed to be updated. Should have updated my solution here for others. Will keep that in Mind for my next questions that I find solutions for outside of this forum.