Wrapping Javascript component

Hi there,

I’m wrapping a javascript component in vaadin7. I looked around and I’ve seen there are two annotations (@StyleSheet and @JavaScript) used to load both css and js files used by the component.
What if i need to load images ? I searched but I haven’t found anything.

I also noticed that the loading of css and js files are really slow. Is there another way to add css or js files ?
(We are using vaadin 7.0.3)

I have another question. This js component is basically a table done in javascript and I’m adding it as a normal component in the layout:

public class SampleUI extends UI {

	protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
		final VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();
		final JSTable js = new JSTable();
		Button button = new Button("Click Me");



Is it correct this approach ? I’m having some difficulties to see the component because the top div element of page has 0px of height. If i remove the component the top div element has the correct height (equal to the available space in the browser).

Thanks for any help,



did the work (the table now get rendered) but I don’ know why.
Unfortunately I can’t remove it in my code but currently I don’t know any workaround.


The problem was related to jquery-mobile that we were using in the component. We changed it in a way to not use jquery-mobile and it works fine.