Wrap line in component's caption

In Vaadin 7, I can write TextArea txtA = new TextArea(
“Hello \n” +
" * world\n" +
" * foo");

Which will show

  • world
  • foo
    TextBox in Vaadin 6

However this seems not working in Vaadin 7. What is the replacement? Is there a document (check list) shows all the changes we need to apply when upgrade from Vaadin 6 to 7.

BTW, the new forum is bad. I often lose my typing when the client is communicating with server. Vaadin is not good for such instant exchange data, the performance is slower than keyboard typing.

By debuging the css style, i found the following solution

.v-captiontext {
white-space: pre;

Apparently this is changed from Vaadin 6->7. A change list will be so helpful, you cannot expect us (the third party developer) to discover all these misterious change you did to the new framework.