Would you teach me Vaadin over Skype?

I am very much interested in learning this amazing tool.

I am a good PHP OOP developer, but last time I programmed in Java was 9 years ago and that was little more than Hello World.

If you could give me private lessons over the skype, a few hours a week should be just fine.

mail me : vaadin at kodingen dot com.

ps: I read the book, installed Eclipse plugin and ready to go.

What does “little more than Hello World” mean? Do you still know all the Java basics? If you’re not used to java, you should get back to it first.

Next, I don’t think anyone is interested to spend “a few hours a week” to teach you how to use vaadin - except you pay for it. You read the book, did you also try out the examples? That would be the idea.

Hi “Dev Rim”,

Pleased to hear you are about to learn some Vaadin. If you are interested in Vaadin training from a commercial perspective, see hear



@Michel: I’m expecting someone to contact me and give me a quote, not free lessons… My Java Basics are there. I could write an address book application.

@Ville: Obviously I’m looking for something that is not as expensive and as formal as Vaadin official training.

I’m hoping I could meet someone that I can Skype him sometimes to ask a small question after the lessons, or possibly have him work with us on the projects that we will do with Vaadin here in New York.

There is also a fairly active Skype channel for Vaadin. Currently there seems to be 16 users online. See

Thanks Joonas! I just joined …