Working Environment for restartApplication

I was hoping some folks would post the environment they are using to be able to dynamically compile and see there changes in a browser, before I try using JRebel or some other route.

I’m using

Version: Helios Service Release 2
Build id: 20110218-0911

J2EE Preview Server (built-in Eclipse jetty presumably)

Using internal or external browser does not work for me (?restartApplication does not help).

What works for you?

I use Eclipse with Maven and the Maven Jetty plugin. I run under “debug” so that hot code swapping is enabled.

The default hot code swapping of a Sun/Oracle JDK is fairly limited – adding a variable causes a reload, etc.
So I use DCEVM (which is free) instead of JRebel.

This setup works very well. The only time I run under Tomcat is when the eclipse-jetty implementation does not support certain things I need to test (for example, calling an external JNDI).

DCEVM sounds really interesting. What kind of limitations and downsides you have experienced with it? Or is it just as good as getting JRebel but with a price tag of zero?

There are two concerns with DCEVM:

  1. Whereas there are definitely fewer restarts than with Hot Swap, every once in a while a code change is not reflected. There is no clear and crisp definition of what requires a restart and what is silently ignored.
  2. There have been no recent updates.

Hi Jean ,

Can you please describe the steps you followed to setup DCEVM in your web application please.


Hi All,

Have any of You tried to use DCEVM with Vaadin 7?
I using it, its working very well with spring. I can’t make it work with Vaadin :confused: