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I’m a total Vaadin newbie. However I have worked a couple of weeks on a GWT project a while ago and I think I remember that it was possible to pretty much see the changes to our code directly in the browser without having to recompile/redeploy anything. Is there something similar with Vaadin?



If you use hot code replacement with your server it does just that, but please remember that init() function does only get called in the beginning of the session. in order to restart application (call init() again), add ?restartApplication to your url.

if hotspot vm hot code replacement is not powerful enough, you might want to take a look of JRebel.

Hey Joonas,

I am looking at JRebel and discussing with their support right now. I’m struggling for hours actually to try to get this to work → you’re giving me some hope.

Our entire discussion:

I’d be extremely grateful if you could give me a hand here.



OK It works! :slight_smile:

Sorry I hadn’t tried the restartApplication parameter. Perfect! Thanks.