Workflow for widgetset compilation

What is the optimal workflow for vaadin widgetset compilation?
The widgetset doesnt change all that often, so it seems wasteful to compile it every single time.
On the other hand it seems pretty big to check into a repo everytime.

How/when do you guys the vaadin widgetset?

What do you mean by every single time?

You normally compile the widget set 1) after you upgrade Vaadin libraries, 2) upgrade any add-ons containing a widget set, 3) sometimes while developing new widgets (although normally you compile with the DevMode during widget development).

Although not mentioned in the post, I guess you are using Maven.

You can move the GWT/Vaadin plug-in configuration from build to build->pluginManagement (if I remember correctly) and then run the widgetset compilation explicitly whenever needed (see Marko’s post).

by every time i mean, every time we do a build of the project.
And we would do this, if we didnt checkin the widgetset in our repo.

There’s no need to rebuild the widget set in development builds every time, only in the above mentioned cases. If you mean by “build” an integration test build or something like that, then you might want to make clean builds, so you need to compile the widget set.

It sounds rather unusual that you would check in the widget set to a repo.