Wolfie troll ops in #vaadin

This is what keeps #vaadin getting bigger. Not to mention the image it strikes. Have fun.

There are no 'maybe’s when it comes to algorithm deployment platform, it only depends on which platform, and they are known.

In fact arrays are faster than collections, but i didn’t want to feed the troll… that much. I never do in fact, but truth is truth, life of its own and stuff.


Troll and suck-ups. Since when does Java take nanoseconds walking over lists. Not that’s the issue at hand, but which data structure is faster. Eloquent topic: http://www.coderanch.com/t/202947/Performance/java/Array-vs-arraylist

Ok, stop. compiler transforming list into arrrays? That should be some kick ass compiler optimisation AI… then what are the developers supposed to do?


troll or code monkey, can’t tell

Obviously, if you really want to optimize something, you still have to write a compiler to do it for you.

When the issue is a collection, it is, because there isn’t a better data structure optimisation to be had (i haven’t tried putting each variable separately, which might work, if you create them, if you receive them as a list, its probably better to move it to an array if you have extensive operations going on it).

I don’t regard truth telling a crime, even if it’s stirring up trolls.

Obviously there isn’t any optimisation going on, because trolls hate it, and while working with the guys, he makes sure no optimisations take place, even if they do rear their ugly head.

Obviously, i’m the troll. But i needed to know that from the troll.

Trolls with blogs. God help us.

Democracy, gotta love it. What in hell does the view-tier has to do with model-tier, and since when is native SQL (which also does computing in the db) faster than a local cache. At least what he sais promotes Vaadin… yea, that’s it.

Of course, gartuitously pick on the guy’s query, forgetting all about the hibernate caching again.

This Hellis guy is the golden top of the troll piramid. And everyone knows the golden top is tipsy.

Which is precisely why servlet hosting is more expesive, because is the best at making web sites, not because RAM, CPU and HDD space costs money.

Troll sarcasm. In fact i was payed, will be payed, and for doing silly things. That’s how the human race works… go figure.

And it’s the romanian ‘Cora’: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cora_(hypermarket)
Not to mention the level of the employees there… no wonder Cora is also the name of the wife of Hades. They are all harpies. The quality of service beeing hell.

Nobody will argue that drunken progamming is the best style.

Now we’re getting somewhere.


I would love to know who pays this guy.

Obviously functional languages are a good thing, that’s why everyone’s doing it. Wait… you saying they are not? In fact functional languages is thaught in educational systems where the purpose of their existance seems to be the dumbing down of the populace? No, no, that can’t be!

That’s right, that’s what teachers don’t teach you in school. In fact who even listens to the bums? Obviously guys that are going to become trolls do.

Let’s confront the real problem. That’s what really blows false people away.

Yea right, that’s why i’m the troll, not him. And precisely why whenever i ask an optimisation question, this hater jumps in.

Of course, butt-kissers have service priority over the rest. Since i’m never one of those, that’s tough for me.

Of course, ass kissing ops own channels, not the node owner. They sure do behave like in their mother’s lap.

The troll banned a whole network if i’m not mistaking. Way to go promoting a framework, letting know people that staff it are trolls, code-monkeys and suck-ups of all the above.

Random quotes from other times:

Obviously he’s the authority on optimisation, because he hates it so much. Definitely.
I would say you don’t go picking your tools before knowing how intensive your application is going to be.

This is precisely the type of developer i been cursing in private when i pooled my hair waiting for a site to load.

Again, what does presenter has to do with model and bussiness tier? Again, are we talking multi-user environment, as in multitasking? Like say… everything these days? Using a whole computer to host one application? Very smart precious, very smart indeed.

Does this guy hate optimisatoin or what. I don’t want to rewrite my code 10 times (as some other expert i talked with). It’s a waste of time. And obviously rewriting your own code 10 times isn’t a sign of you knowing everything, like that ‘expert’ behaved like. It’s a certain somebody in #infinispan. At least he was a nice troll, or caught him on a good day.

What if i told you i can see into the future.

Of course the same troll promotes data hiding, and i couldn’t get the size of the collection of the VerticalLayout for instance. A good practice guru… obviously. Too bad he’s such a douchy troll op.

Different people have different opinions and way of expressing them - it is completely ok to disagree and debate - but please try to keep it civilized.

IMO there is no reason for moving the already heated debate from IRC to forum.

Since i chose Vaadin, this is now my interest also, to promote it as a top framework (be it with problems or not - others have bigger issues). It already helped me get a probable job in C#, only because it’s very ‘responsive’, as the guy said.
The Vaadin that is now isn’t responsible for the developer mediocrity
, but everywhere seems there’s word of how slow it is (and in fact i saw this a lot, but because either the application was not optimized or the GUI was not well thought over and crowded too much, or hosted on GAE, which is slow by itself). I also believe Vaadin can be optimized a lot more (judging from the fact not much attention was drawn towards that). When i’m going to show my application, i don’t want to hear from the first user how slow it is!

This comes from this logic: if you do 1 month development and you take 1 week after to realize you need to rewrite the logic, you possibly waste another month. But if you do the design first, then implement you will not waste time rewriting part or the whole thing.

This is not a debate.
I only debate when i have insuficient reference to ascertain the truth.
This is a warning. In Romania at least, Vaadin is very close to the image MySQL community has (and I’m not speaking about popularity, because people hardly heard of it, but those who did, don’t think well of it). From two references, out of what two JEE developers spoke to me, one speaking at a level people ussualy speaking of MySQL (so no need to reproduce the terms), and the other saying Vaadin has problems, i would say you guys need to work on the image. People are stupid, they are easily fooled, and when there’s lack of an image they easily think that’s because the product is poor. When there are people who kissed ass as far as to make it into an op position, and they are such douchy trolls, that’ll strike an image on the product itself. The problem is exponentially more pregnant when the douche is an op, and the op is a troll, and trolls are stupid, because then he’ll impose his point on everyone, or ban!

General pattern is
: guy asks question, troll considers him inferior because asking a questions means to the troll that the guy that if he doesn’t know something, he doesn’ t know anything (troll logic). When in actuality the troll doesn’t know anything about the subject he will answer in a contradictory manner, shunning the subject, and flaming the guy, with replicas like “you shouldn’t do that”, “stupid question” etc. in a regular attempt to make himself look good - if that’s ever going to, but that’s troll logic. If the guy actually starts making statements about the thing he recently ask, confusing and infuriating the troll, because he wouldn’t accept that someone can answer his own questions in such a short time by his troll logic, it puts the troll into an inferior position, which is when the troll stated “that’s stupid” - making the troll himself stupid, by normal logic, with proof (trolls almost never come up with proof for their statements, because they’re scientifically challenged in logic by design).