Wizard Component

Since there is no official Wizard Component we either will have to build one and maintain our own or we can use one from Vaadin directory (if any of them will work). However using an existing directory component requires regular maintenance from the author(s) regarding compatibility with latest Vaadin. We would much rather have the possibility to use an official supported component than dealing with our own or be dependent on a 3.party component. I have not heard of any plans of Vaadin releasing a Wizard Component any time soon so we must probably plan with something else. Does anyone here have any experience with either and what would you recommend? We use Vaadin 23.

You could at least up vote https://github.com/vaadin/web-components/issues/5582 :nerd_face:

You keep on amazing me with your deep issue knowledge @quirky-zebra :slightly_smiling_face: This one was even as fresh as it could be regarding timing. Now I can only wish for a brighter day to come. Thanks.