With GWT debugging: Widgetset does not contain implementation for...

Hi guys,

I’m trying to debug a GWT widget: BlackBeltTextArea.

That text field appears well in “normal” mode (left on the screenshot below), but it’s not found on GWT debug mode (right on the screenshot).


Here is the classpath config for the GWT debugger:


I’m very new at this and I probably miss something obvious.
Any suggestion?


Just to make sure, for GWT compilation of a Vaadin widgetset, either by the separate compiler of the GWT development mode server, you need on the classpath:

  • the source code of the client side classes and
  • the compiled server-side classes (for scanning them for @ClientWidget annotations).

Not having the latter could be the issue here.

If not, the output of the GWT compilation (from the correct tab in the GWT development mode window) would be useful for troubleshooting this.

Thank you for your reply, Henri. You are right, the GWT debugger tab shows that my BlackBeltTextArea widget is not loaded:



But I don’t understand from your post where I can specify how to find it.
I’ve already changed the class path of the GWT debugger as shown in my first post’s screenshot.

Where else can I specify it?

Here is the source code package structure:


I just added the compiled code to the classpath (as you suggested) and it works. Many thanks, Henri.