Windows no-modal ? vaadin 10

in Vaadin 10 is it possible to create a non-modal window? in previous versions had the window component that was possible

There’s no public API for this yet, but you can override the modeless property of the internal overlay element. You need JavaScript for this:

dialogElement.$.overlay.modeless = true

But, there’s a bug (sort of, as this is not officially supported behavior) in the Lumo theme, that the modality curtain still stays visible, so you still can’t click the other parts of the app. You will need to add the following theme module in your app as well:

<dom-module id="dialog-modality-fix" theme-for="vaadin-dialog-overlay">
) [part="backdrop"]
	    display: none;

I understand, thank you very much for the feedback, I have an ERP running in version 8.4, we were doing some tests for when vaadin 10 has more functions … to facilitate a possible migration

Are there any plans to fully / officially support this in the near future?

I don’t think there’s even an issue for adding such support. If you need it, you can create a new issue here:

Thanks! I don’t need it right now, I was mainly envisioning an UI skeleton based on them. Will give a try to your suggestion though…