Hi all
How can i close window dynamically and can we make it floating
Thank you

What do you mean with closing a window dynamically? You can call UI.removeWindow or Window.close().

The default behaviour of the window is free-floating, so could you specify that as well?

Dear Mr. Thomas
i’ve tried to make a slideshow for a number of windows while executing i need to close or remove some of these windows and i used window.close but it needs to reload the page in order to make it disappear.
And for floating windows i want to change the windows position while executing every 5 seconds like setPositionX(10) setPositionY(20) after 5 seconds setPositionX(15) setPositionY(25)
Thank you for help

A quick look at the API shows methods for setting X and Y coordinates (setPositionX/Y()). But your answer gives me a clue what is going on here; you are using a background thread to do this, aren’t you?

Vaadin will by default NOT send updates from a background thread to the browser; it can’t do it. You need to either poll from the browser using e.g. the Refresher for Vaadin6 or using the built in polling in Vaadin 7, OR you need to use the Vaadin Push addon for Vaadin 7. Both will allow the UI to be updated without direct interaction from the user.