Window.close() not available


I want to trigger the Window close action on a sub window in my application. For some reason though the window variable doesn’t seem to support that action… Meaning the IDE doesn’t show close() as a method option for the Window.

Window windowObject = new Window();

→ Is displayed as faulty syntax.

I’ve used it in classes extending the Window class and there I can request the close() action.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wring…? Are there contexts where the Window.close() action can’t be requested…?

Anyways, thanks!


Window.close() is protected so you cannot do that. I’d recommend you read
for a good tutorial about access modifiers in Java.

Ohh… well, that would explain it… seems like I then have to extend the Window class for all instances. Thanks!

If you want to close a sub window, you can do it by removing the window from parent:


If you want to know if user closed the window you can add a CloseListener to the window by using the addListener method of Window.