Just posted a quick initial page about
Vaadin on Wikipedia
. In order to make it more objective and informative, please go and
edit it

I just copied your page 1:1 and
translated it into german
. The Translation surely isn’t perfect, but I’m sure it is ok :slight_smile:
Because I’m not familiar with Wikipedia postings, it is a bit incomplete (e.g. the vaadin-info and image on the right). Maybe you could do that?
I’ll have a review and correct some things another time, but first I need a break :slight_smile:

Oh wow. Thanks!

Tried to copy those “infoboxes” to German version but it did not work. Any wikipedia experts around?

I translated the Wikipedia page to portuguese (brazillian):
It may need some corrections yet, but any pt speaker would understand.

I think, I’ll have to make a Russian translation then :slight_smile:

Thanks! (did no understand it at all, but looks nice to me :) )

Thanks Dmitri!

All these translations… Now it starts to be embarrassing that we do not have Finnish and Swedish versions - even though there are so many native speakers in Vaadin community… wink wink :)

Because of H1n1 virus my college have extended my vacations and I can translate documentation to portuguese if you want, tell me the most important pages so I can start =)

Here we go :wink:

Amazing - finally something good comes out of H1N1 :)

The best thing would probably to blog about Vaadin in Portugese. As a basis, you could use
and the short example at
, but adding a personal touch to the post would be great. If you have time for a larger project, then the longer tutorial at
would be great.

You could use any blog/site for posting, but if you would like to - you could also post to vaadin blog. henry (at) can help you with permissions and details.


Haha I’m glad to see that I’ve started such a translation wave :smiley: I have to improve the german one but no time for the next 2.5 weeks :wink: